Improve your local SEO marketing with storytelling

Satisfy Media   •   July 22, 2017

The era of Local SEO Marketing has began. Start collecting and uploading those product pictures and demo videos on your website and social media profiles! Google and Facebook recently announced how businesses should ‘think visually’ when it comes to local marketing. As the message clearly says that you will get more advantage on your business if you start investing on visuals as it’s not just for any other reasons but a necessity if you want to succeed on your online marketing.

Google on April 10, 2017 implemented a better way to do search and it is by using images. The “similar images” feature allows users to use images to look for a particular product or item that resembles a product they are interested in buying and Facebook also launched a Camera Effects platform which also speed up consumption of improved reality.

Nowadays, majority of content publishers are leaning towards to work on a more visual future. This indicates that businesses need to evaluate how they use all forms of visual storytelling to attract and keep their customers.

HereStatistics show on Search Engine Land about how compelling images are when it comes to creating a social media presence and local marketing.

  • In Twitter, tweets with images get 150 percent more retweets than those tweets without images.
  • Accordinly, Instagram has more than 700 million active users.
  • Furthermore, in 2016, people exchanged around 2.3 trillion mobile messages that use emoji.
  • All visual content was expected to account for 74 percent of all internet traffic this year.

As humans, we have been very visual and that is why visual assets should be treated as valuable as their written content and data counterpart. Increasingly, many brands are getting creative on their storytelling besides the images as well as on what they post and also on their videos, stories and vines.

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