Why marketing online is not just about SEO

Satisfy Media   •   July 29, 2017

You may not want to think that ranking for target keywords is the most important thing in SEO. Although ranking for target keywords is just one of the measurements used by experts to determine success and effectiveness of marketing efforts, there are still many other factors you need to consider before you can say be confident to that you've done a great job on your online marketing.

Please don't get me wrong about this but still getting your website on the first page of Google still matters. Companies still certify that their highest profitable traffic comes from organic search as nobody goes into Facebook or Twitter if they need to buy something instead, they go to search engines. It is still true that people who wants to hire services or avail a particular product are still going into Google and thus, it is still the most powerful brand out there online.

Statistically, almost 70% of the links clicked by search users are organic and 70-80% of internet users disregard paid ads and focus on organic search results and proves that ranking still matters. Nonetheless, it should not be the only thing to pay your attention to.

Ranking makes it easure to be found by the right audience and it is just the first step to getting your brand out there online. As your site is ranking, you have to make sure you keep your audience’s attention to drive them to make the purchase. This is where marketing comes into work its charm. Now that you already have your audience's attention, how do you keep them continously interested is your next concern?

What is Online Marketing?

It refers to any advertising and marketing strategy that use the Web and email to drive sales via e-commerce besides leads from websites or emails. Online marketing is the comprehensive works of the marketing team to improve a brand’s awareness leading to sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the divisions of online marketing besides from email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, ads, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, video marketing, etc.

Online marketing is a process of creating and identification of the accurate methods that will attract your target audience and convert it to sales. It takes massive research, monitoring, and analysis before considering any marketing efforts a success.

Why not only focus on just doing SEO?

We know that SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ensure your website adheres to the standards of search engines (especially Google) so that it gets listed in the top of the search results.

SEO ensures that your website has the proper keywords accompanied in all the tags so that your website is dragged accordingly by Google bots. However, its not the relevant alt texts or stuffing all the right keywords in your meta tags isn’t that convinces your target audience to stay on your website. It is the quality content that does it.

The system that update Google Panda is focused on monitoring low quality content on the web and to produce a quality content requires marketers to look beyond an huge lists of keywords. To make sure your on-site content follows the high standards of Google, you need to look for what would indicate as low-quality content and here are some of the red flags, on an SEO standpoint that you need to avoid so your website will not be flagged with low quality content.

Look for Broken Links – Perform a quick site rundowns and make sure there are no “404 errors.” As soon as you identify crawl errors, resolve the errors immediately by replacing them with a different link that is relevant to your content.

Inaccurate Information – Make sure that each sources you link is credible, whether they are internal or external ones. Always publish informations with supporting data and never publish assumptions.

Grammar and Spelling Errors – Perform spell check and grammar review before publishing. If in the past, SEO experts can ignore spelling errors, not anymore in today's world as Google is smartened enough to check and detect wrong spelling from internet users and display the results in correct ones.

Speed of Page Load – It should only take a webiste page to load not longer than 1.40 seconds and it helps your website ranking if you have a fast-loading site.

Comprehensiveness – A website content should answer all questions related to a specific subject as people are online to find answers or learn more information. People want information about different subject whether it’s about a serious health concerns or for entertainment value. You can make sure you do give them complete information and details by talking about your topic as in-depth as possible and not only just to keep them stay longer on your site but also upgrate your status as an influencer or a leading voice of authority in your field.

You can make sure your content is unique and original. During the old days, when SEO was just about everything all marketers do, the web is just filled with unoriginal and useless content from so-called authors aiming for just rankings for keywords and not providing so much useful content and value to internet users.

Always keep in mind is that your content should provide true and reliable answers to real questions that gives value to your audience thus making your brand marked on your audience's mind. It makes others link to your content and share it on social media.

You may want your content to be shared as much as possible on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc and as these are your marketplaces where most of your potential clients are just waiting around. A useful and shareable content can drive website traffic increase and as more traffic you drive to your site, the higher it performs on search engines, and the more potencial leads you will attract to brand.

At the End of the Day…

As a marketers, your job focuses on improving sales and keep those potencial leads coming for your business. It is not just getting popularity on Google but also to increase profits for the brand and keeping it growing. While SEO does get you dominating web search, there are other platforms where you can find potential customers. You must remember that you may be ranking for all the relevant keywords and even your organic traffic is increasing but not converting them into sales, it’s all worthless as business is still down.

Try to focus not on just one channel but try to do combinations of effective strategies to get your expected results.

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